Coaching helps you by:

  • Discovering the resources you have,
  • Figuring out what goals will make you happy in the long-term and what’s blocking you,
  • Coming up with a plan to achieve those goals by investing your resources and overcoming your blockers, and
  • Holding you accountable as you execute on those goals.

The ideal person I’d like to help

  • You are ambitious and entrepreneurial
  • You are in an exploratory phase of your career, you are not sure about your path, OR you may be in between jobs
  • You are looking to discover your direction, set your goals, OR figure out the best way to get there
  • You are dissatisfied with some aspect of your life, AND you believe in investing in your personal growth

Why I care about this

For years, I’ve worked very hard to improve my ability to:

  • Be in tune with my own emotions and desires, and
  • Communicate those feelings appropriately

These skills did not come naturally to me. They weren’t taught by my family or in school. So I had to learn them the hard way—through practice and mistakes. Read: The art of non-violent confrontation. And one thing that has greatly accelerated my learning is working with professional coaches.

I’m far from done learning myself. At the same time, I’ve built a unique set of experiences and knowledge — as well as the ability to communicate those insights.


I look at the world through the lens of a professional investor who thinks about long-term risk-adjusted returns as well the lens of an entrepreneur who makes concentrated bets, and I apply both lens to the complexity of our personal lives.

My personal growth philosophy has three core pillars. I call this my “First Principles of Investing”. They are universally applicable, regardless of your background

  1. 4 buckets of capital Investing is about much more than buying financial assets
  2. Choose the game you play Everything from starting a business, to painting, to exercising is as much of an investment activity as managing your stock portfolio
  3. OODA Loop An actionable framework borrowed from a brilliant military strategist that ties it all together