Investment Coaching

As an investment coach, I would help you by:

  • Discovering the resources you have,
  • Figuring out what goals will make you happy in the long-term,
  • Coming up with a plan to achieve those goals by investing your resources, and
  • Holding you accountable as you execute on those goals.

I look at the world through the lens of a professional investor who thinks about long-term risk-adjusted returns, and I apply that lens to the complexity of our personal lives.

My philosophy: your investment goal should be to accumulate capital in a way that maximizes long-term happiness.

Investing is not just about returns or numbers on a spreadsheet.

Money is a very emotional subject—deeply tied to love, fear, envy and everything in between.

Beyond money, the investing mindset is a highly useful tool. You can use it to broadly improve your life.

With every day that passes, every activity you do, and every decision you make, you are investing your time, your knowledge, and your social relationships.

My approach

My approach to investment coaching has three core pillars. I call this my “First Principles of Investing”.

  1. 4 buckets of capital: Investing is about much more than buying financial assets
  2. Investing is a spectrum: Everything from starting a business, to painting, to exercising is as much of an investment activity as managing your stock portfolio
  3. OODA Loop: An actionable framework borrowed from a brilliant military strategist that ties it all together

My First Principles are universally applicable, regardless of your background. These articles (to come) and all other evergreen content on my site are completely free.

In fact, you can get a good chunk of the benefit of my knowledge and experience for free by reading. And realistically, that is where most of the people reading this article should stop.

But If you would like to apply those concepts to your life with 1-on-1 support, read on below.

My perfect client

My coaching services are not for everyone. This is my perfect client:

  • You are ambitious and entrepreneurial, BUT you may not necessarily desire to start a business.
  • You are in an exploratory phase of your career, you are not sure about your path, OR you may be in between jobs
  • You are looking to discover your direction, set your goals, OR figure out the best way to get there
  • You are dissatisfied with some aspect of your life, AND you believe in investing in your personal growth

If EACH of the above resonates with you, please email me:

Why I care about coaching

For years, I’ve worked very hard to improve my ability to:

  • Be in tune with my own emotions and desires,
  • Communicate those feelings appropriately, and
  • Be rational with my investment decisions.

These skills did not come naturally to me. They weren’t taught by my family or in school. So I had to learn them the hard way—through practice and mistakes. And one thing that has greatly accelerated my learning is working with professional coaches.

I’m far from done learning myself. At the same time, I’ve built a unique set of experiences and knowledge—as well as the ability to communicate those insights.

I know that there is enormous value I can provide by sharing my learnings with others. And that is why I began coaching.

More about me: