I build companies and online communities. I invest in public stocks. I teach and coach.

I was born in China. (Chinese translation of this page) And I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area as a first generation immigrant.

Given my middle-class upbringing, I chose a very safe, very traditional way to start my career – at Goldman Sachs. (More context in: The privilege to take a risk)

Afterwards, I worked for 3 years at a hedge fund. After 20 years in the Bay Area, I moved to Boston in 2016 to pursue an MBA at MIT Sloan.

While at MIT, I co-founded DeepBench, which connects customers with experts on any topic in any industry.

In 2020, I transitioned away from the CEO role at DeepBench and moved to Los Angeles. (More context in: Learning to explore)

Professionally, I’m interested in 3 areas:

  1. Building start-ups: I operate a start-up studio called Optionality Partners. I use my own capital and that of a few close friends to build businesses from scratch.
  2. Investing in public companies: My most recent portfolio update + performance
  3. Coaching and community building: I’m building Listening Gym – a peer-to-peer coaching community for ambitious professionals.

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My why

The reason for this site is three-fold:

  1. I am on a lifelong journey to better understand how our world works.
  2. In order to generate capital and perpetuate this quest, I plan to use what I learn by investing in existing businesses and starting new businesses.
  3. It’s no fun, and not to mention impossible to do this alone, and so I hope to find collaborators with intelligence, energy, and integrity to join me on this adventure.

I hope to find others who share my curiosity and excitement about business topics. I wish to create a network of peers interested in learning, working together, and helping one another.

Here is a list of my most popular articles. And here is an overview of my holistic approach to investing.

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The best way to reach me is by emailing: yz@yishizuo.com